SEBI UPDATE: SEBI bans this YouTuber and demands Rs 17 crore, know the whole matter!

SEBI UPDATE: A YouTuber and influencer was recently prohibited from engaging in any stock market activity by SEBI (the Securities and Exchange Board of India), the body that oversees the Indian stock market. However, why did SEBI take this action? Few individuals are aware of this.

The responsibility of SEBI is to oversee the Indian stock market and prevent any unscrupulous activities in this domain. Consequently, you will find the SEBI Update regarding the reason behind the YouTuber’s stock market ban in today’s article. Tell us the entire story, please.

SEBI UPDATE SEBI bans this YouTuber and demands Rs 17 crore, know the whole matter!
SEBI UPDATE SEBI bans this YouTuber and demands Rs 17 crore, know the whole matter!

YouTuber banned by SEBI

We would like to inform you that Mohammad Nasruddin Ansari has been barred from the stock market by SEBI. Previously, Mohammad Nasruddin Ansari maintained the YouTube account BAAP OF CHARTS, where he posted videos about trading and the stock market. His YouTube channel had over 4 lakh subscribers, but now that he was breaking stock market regulations, SEBI was taking severe action against him.

Additionally, let us inform you that he has hundreds of followers on the social media network Twitter. His Twitter X followers number over 83 thousand, and they regularly view his stuff.

These accusations are directed on YouTuber Muhammad Nasruddin Ansari. He used to post a lot of trading-related videos on his channel, Baap Of Chart, which led to his being connected to the stock market. Many people had lost money as a result of some of his films, and as a result, they complained about Ansari to SEBI, which then launched an investigation into him.

Following an investigation, SEBI discovered that Ansari had broken numerous stock market regulations. Ansari has stated in his videos that he has made a 95% profit from trading, despite SEBI accusing him of suffering a net loss of Rs 2.98 crore in trading from 2021 to 2023. But SEBI’s probe turned up nothing like this.

In addition, SEBI has charged them with marketing their trading classes to those to whom they had given false information.

A fine of Rs 17 crore has been levied by SEBI.

Additionally, according to SEBI, Ansari received an unethical profit of Rs 17.2 crore from the stock market. As a result, SEBI has ordered that Ansari repay the Rs 17.2 crore to the market. This money was acquired by Muhammad Nasruddin Ansari through trading and providing false information to others about his incorrect courses.

In order to ensure that no influencers mislead the public, SEBI is currently keeping a careful eye on all of them. Hopefully, this post has provided you with information regarding recent SEBI updates. Please spread the word to your friends about the SEBI Update. Please visit our “Finance” page to view more articles of this type.


Q : When was BAAP OF CHART prohibited from the stock market by SEBI?

Ans : On October 25, Mohammad Nasruddin Ansari, the owner of the YouTube channel BAAP OF CHART, was banned by SEBI.

Q : What does SEBI’s entire name mean?

Ans : The Securities and Exchange Board of India is the full name of SEBI.

Q : Who runs the BAAP OF CHART YouTube channel?

Ans : Indian resident Mohammad Nasruddin Ansari owns the YouTube channel BAAP OF CHART.

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