Serena Williams opens her Australian Open match with Riles Up Tennis World Agubey

This year’s Australian Open will see Serena Williams, a legendary American tennis player, go unrecognized. Serena has had a remarkable record in Australia and played amazing tennis over the years. After 27 years of playing tennis, the 41-year-old retired.


Fans recalled the Australian Open’s most memorable victory for Serena. Here’s what happened.

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The queen of the court has won many great matches during her long and distinguished career.


Fans will never forget her celebration after winning 2007 Australian Open. Serena Williams’ record against Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova is almost perfect.


The excitement was high, but Serena was able to defeat Sharapova in straight sets to win her third Australian Open title. This was also Serena’s eighth Grand Slam championship title. Serena was ranked at world number 81 prior to the tournament, and she entered the tournament unseeded. This makes Serena’s win even more special.

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Fans can’t stop talking and sharing the match point from that match on Twitter. Here’s what they did.


Serena has many amazing memories from the Australian Open. It is interesting to note that Serena’s last Grand Slam title was also won at the Australian Open.

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Serena won the Grand Slam eighteen weeks after she was born


Serena Williams is the Women’s tennis player for her determination and grit. After landing in Australia for the first Grand Slam, the former world number one found out about her pregnancy. The legend decided to stay instead of leaving and participate in the tournament.

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Although Serena won the tournament was an incredible feat, she didn’t drop a set. This is not only an amazing feat, but it’s also an inspiration to the girls who look up. Alexis Ohanian, Serena’s husband, recently referred to this win as evidence for Serena’s GOAT claim.

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