Spice Money CSP in Highlights: Earn Lakhs by Opening a Bank!

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For all those who are considering , let us tell you that Spice Money CSP 2023 is a platform where you can benefit from both B2B and B2C services. You can do things like booking rail tickets, mobile recharge, bill payments, cash withdrawal, cash deposit, ATM services, and more under this service.

By applying online , you can even start a mini ATM service as a franchisee and earn a good commission for your work. So, let’s provide you with all the information about such as how to apply, how much commission you can earn, and more.

Spice Money 2023 :

it is a part of the Spice Group, which is a business conglomerate with interests in various sectors like technology, telecom, and finance. it is one of India’s largest technology-enabled hyper-local payment networks, offering various services through through, including cash deposit, cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, bill payment, Aadhaar-enabled services, airtime recharge, POS services, railway ticket services, and more.

Through its unbeatable technology, it transforms any local store into a digital service center and a mini bank, enabling them to provide easy financial and digital services as a one-stop solution. it has established a cloud infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies that empower its Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE) to become more efficient in delivering products and services to their customers.

it operates as a regulated entity under the Reserve Bank of India and holds all the necessary licenses, such as Prepaid Instruments License (PPI) and Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS).

So, whether you’re looking for convenient digital services or a rewarding opportunity as a franchisee, it has got you covered!

Spice Money CSP in Highlights Earn lakhs by Opening a Bank

CSP NameSpice Money 2023
sponsored bySpice Money Limited
article categoryBanking
launch year2014
official websitespicemoney.com
registration feeRs 1500
Contact+91 120 3986786, +91 120 5077786
CSP Full FormCustomer Service Point
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Spice Money Services List 2023

It offers a wide range of services, and if you become its agent, you can earn a good amount of money by providing these services in your village. Below, we have listed all the services of Spice Money AEPS that you can check out:

Banking Services

  • AePS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System)
  • Money Transfer (DMT)
  • Cash withdrawal through Mini ATM
  • UPI Cash
  • mPOS
  • Aadhar Pay
  • Prepaid Card

Payment Services

  • Cash Collection Point
  • BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System)

Devices & Others Services

  • Biometric Devices, Printer
  • Pan Card Services

Travel Services

  • Train Booking
  • Flight Booking
  • Bus Ticket
  • Hotel Booking

Bada Bazaar Services

  • Amazon Easy

Suraksha Services

  • Hospicash

Loan Services

  • Grahak Loan
  • Adhikari Loan

With this service, you can empower your village with these convenient services while earning a steady income as an agent. So, explore the possibilities and make the most of the opportunities that brings your way!

Spice Money Commission List 2023

For all those who are considering taking up Spice Money CSP and want to check the commission list for this service, there’s no need to go anywhere else. We have provided the complete Commission list right here below, which you can all check. Additionally, you can visit the official website to find the updated commission chart as well.

At this service, we believe in transparency, and we want our agents to be well-informed about the commissions they can earn. So, go ahead, explore the commission opportunities, and make the most out of your partnership with this service. Happy earning!

AEPS Commission Slab 1

Amount SlabCommission
200 ₹ -299 ₹Rs. 0.50
1000 ₹ -1499 ₹Rs. 1
1500 ₹ -1999 ₹Rs. 3
2000 ₹ -2499 ₹Rs. 4
2500 ₹ -2999 ₹Rs. 5
3000 ₹ -7999 ₹Rs. 7
8000 ₹ & AboveRs. 10

AEPS Commission Plan 2

Amount SlabCommission
200 ₹ -299 ₹.50 ₹
1000 ₹ -1499 ₹1 ₹
1500 ₹ -1999 ₹2 ₹
2000 ₹ -2999 ₹3 ₹
3000 ₹ -3499 ₹10 ₹
3400 ₹ -10000 ₹5 ₹

Note: The complete list of charges for walk-in customers for it Schedule of Charges 2023 can be viewed on the link provided below: https://www.spicemoney.com/spice-money-scheduleofcharges

Essential Documents for Spice Money CSP

If you’re considering availing the services , you must have some necessary documents. Only then can you get your ID. Below is the list of all the required documents:

  • Signed Aadhaar Card
  • Signed PAN Card
  • One Photograph
  • Your Email ID
  • Mobile Number

How to Register for Spice Money 2023 (Application Process)

Now, you must be wondering how you can avail the this service, how you can work with it, and how you can earn a good commission. To do all of this, the first step is to register for this service. So, let’s get to know how you can apply for registration.

Spice Money Service Registration – Online and Offline Options

To avail this service, you have the option of both online and offline registration. For online registration, you can visit the official website or contact your nearby distributor to get your ID.

Please note that this services are not entirely free. There are some charges associated with becoming an agent or distributor. However, you can take advantage of a limited-time offer and get your ID for free. Contact a distributor to learn more about this offer.

For online registration, visit the official website, click on “Join Us” to access the registration form, and fill in all the required details. You will also need to upload important documents, such as proof of identification, address proof, and a photograph. After selecting the desired services, click on “Submit” to complete the application process.

For offline registration, get in touch with a distributor or agent near you. Provide them with the necessary information and documents, and they will guide you through the registration process. Once completed, you will receive your login credentials.

Download the Spice Money Adhikari App

Alternatively, you can also register for a agent ID by downloading the Adhikari app. You can get the app from the official website or download it from the Play Store. The direct download link for the app is provided below.

Spice Money Official AppAPK Download

Spice Money FAQs

Q : What is Spice Money?

Ans : it is a part of the Spice Group, a business conglomerate that operates in various sectors like technology, telecom, and finance. Through Spice Money CSP, it offers a range of services such as cash deposit, cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, bill payment, Aadhaar-enabled services, airtime recharge, POS services, railway ticketing, and more.

Q : How to apply online for Spice Money?

Ans : If you wish to become a Spice Money CSP, you can apply online by visiting the official website of the service.

Q : What is the registration fee for Spice Money?

Ans : The registration fee for becoming a Spice Money CSP (Spice Money Retailer ID Price) is ₹1500.

Q : Where can I find the Spice Money commission list?

Ans : For those interested in viewing the Spice Money commission chart, it is available on the official website. Additionally, the complete list of commissions is also provided in the content above for your reference.

Q : Who can apply for Spice Money?

Ans : Any enthusiastic individual aspiring to become a banking service provider can apply for Spice Money registration.

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