Suzlon received a large order from outside countries the rocket is now the company’s share!

Suzlan Group has received a large order from outside countries:

 In the ensuing days, this can cause the company’s stock to soar. Over the past six months and over the past two years, this specific stock has generated returns of over 225% and more than 300%, respectively.

Bright Night, a global producer of renewable energy, has placed a new order with Suzlon Group, the largest provider of renewable energy solutions in India. With 29.4 MW of installed wind capacity, this order is for the development of a 100 MW co-located wind-solar hybrid project. A total of 14 of the company’s S120-140 meter wind turbine generators (WTG) with hybrid lattice tubular (HLT) towers and 2.1 MW rated capacity will be installed. The project’s staggered execution is anticipated to start in April 2024. Suzlon will be in charge of the project scope’s supply, installation, and commissioning. Suzlon will also offer services for post-commissioning operations and maintenance.

Manufacturers of wind turbine generators and related parts include Suzlon Energy Limited. Mukul Agrawal, a well-known investor, has a 1.05% stake in the company, or 13 crore shares. Shares of Suzlon Energy Limited down 0.51% on Friday, ending the day at Rs 25.36. The stock’s high and low during the trading session were Rs. 25.86 and Rs. 24.5 respectively.

The stock’s 52-week high is 27 rupees, and its 52-week low is 6.60 rupees. Suzlon is a member of the S&P BSE 500 and has a market value of more than Rs 34,000 crore. The company has had strong quarterly and yearly performances. The stock’s CAGR over three and five years is 110% and 33%, respectively. In one month, it increased by 22%, and after three months, it generated a return of 90%. It has provided an impressive return of 225% during the last six months, and over the last two years, it has returned more than 300%.

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