Telangana introduces a school children’s breakfast Scheme | Breakfast scheme Menu

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All students attending government schools in Telangana are now eligible for the “Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme.” The program aims to increase enrollment rates, raise nutritional standards, and give pupils a healthy meal.

Following closely behind the Tamil Nadu administration, the Telangana administration on Friday introduced the “Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme” for all students enrolled in government-run schools as well as those operated by panchayat raj institutions.

Telangana introduces a school children's breakfast Scheme | Breakfast scheme Menu

K T Rama Rao (KTR), the state minister for information technology and industry, introduced the program and served breakfast to the children at the government high school in West Marredpally, Hyderabad.

Speaking to a crowd after the program’s introduction, KTR said it was the state’s first of its type and will help 2.3 million kids in 27,147 government and panchayat raj schools at a cost of about $400 crore.

Every morning, 45 minutes before to the start of the courses, the nourishing breakfast would be served. The menu comprises idli and sambar or wheat rava upma and chutney on Mondays, puri and aloo kurma or tomato bath on Tuesdays, upma and sambar or rice rava khichdi on Wednesdays, millet idli and sambar or pongal and sambar on Thursdays, poha/millet idli and chutney or wheat rava khichdi on Fridays, and Pongal and sambar or vegetable pulao on Saturdays, he said.

The breakfast is very nourishing and delicious, according to KTR, who also stated he had urged the authorities to see to it that food quality is preserved and that random samples will be taken to evaluate the meal’s quality frequently and frequently.

A team of authorities who traveled to Tamil Nadu to evaluate the model, according to KTR, have developed a better one. KTR noted that a similar program for pupils in classes 1 through 5 has been introduced there. “Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao wanted the scheme to be implemented for students up to Class 10 in Telangana,” he said.

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