The world’s best health insurance scheme is Ayushman Bharat : Minister Jitendra Singh

Discover Ayushman Bharat, hailed as the world’s finest health insurance scheme, as we delve into its benefits and the visionary leadership of Jitendra Singh. Explore now!

The Ayushman Bharat scheme has been providing free medical treatment up to five lakh rupees to eligible beneficiaries in the best hospitals. This was revealed by Minister Jitendra Singh, who stated that the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, implemented by the government, is the best health insurance program in the world. Today, speaking at the Economic Times Doctors’ Day Conclave, Dr. Jitendra Singh highlighted the achievements of Ayushman Bharat in providing comprehensive healthcare services based on need and division.

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He stated that Ayushman Bharat is a unique program that provides health insurance coverage even for pre-existing diseases. For example, if a person is diagnosed with cancer today, they can avail themselves of their own insurance. He emphasized the importance of receiving financial assistance for treatment.

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Dr. Jitendra Singh also mentioned that the first phase of the program has covered Jammu and Kashmir, which is the first Union Territory to have universal coverage under the Ayushman Bharat scheme. He informed that the government has successfully addressed the issues raised by some stakeholders regarding the implementation of the program, ensuring timely improvements. He said that India, being a diverse country, has a significant portion covered under this program, making it an ideal model for healthcare insurance globally.

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The Minister inaugurated the program, stating that Mahamari has provided us with the virtues of complete health protection and even after the pandemic, providing good treatment and a diverse range of medicines for the prevention of various diseases is beneficial for humanity. He also highlighted the importance of institutionalizing comprehensive drug delivery systems for better treatment and prevention of various diseases, which is beneficial for the human race.

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