Using Zomato to exchange 2000 notes.. How?

It is known that RBI has announced to withdraw 2 thousand notes. You are being given an opportunity to exchange Rs. 2 thousand notes in banks. A period of 4 months was also given for that. Till September 30 you can exchange Rs.2 thousand notes in banks. But many people are choosing new ways to exchange Rs.2 thousand notes.

It is known that RBI has made a sensational announcement that it is withdrawing Rs.2 thousand notes. In fact, for the last few years, the printing of 2 thousand rupees notes has been reduced. But very few people have these Rs.2 thousand notes. At such a time they announced that they are being withdrawn. From May 23 to September 30, you have been given an opportunity to exchange Rs. 2 thousand notes in banks. If you have to exchange Rs.2 thousand notes above Rs.50 thousand then you must give PAN card for that. But unlike the RBI saying to change the Rs.2000 note, many people are finding their own ways.

In fact, RBI and banks are saying that Rs 2000 note should be exchanged. But, people are choosing their own efforts and ways. Whenever the RBI issued the announcement.. Since then there have been reports that the purchases of gold have increased. Why do you think there is a need to stand in a queue and exchange Rs.2 thousand notes with them? Or they are using this opportunity to invest in gold.. All those who did not buy gold till yesterday because the price was high, are now buying gold. But now it is going viral on social media that Rs.2 thousand notes can be exchanged in another way as well.

If there is a large amount of Rs.2 thousand notes, gold can be bought. What to do if there is one or both? You have to stand in a queue for them too. But, if you follow this idea, it is not necessary. That is.. ordering food on Zomato with cash on delivery option. After coming, the choice is given a note of Rs.2 thousand. But Zomato itself has revealed this. After RBI’s decision, 72 percent of the customers gave only Rs 2 thousand notes in their cash on delivery. After knowing that.. many people gave good idea. They are commenting that they have forgotten about you. However, Chankalu is wondering if this is a better idea than standing in a queue and exchanging Rs.2 thousand notes. And.. Share your views on changing Rs 2000 notes on Zomato in the form of comments.

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