Virat Kohli viral video: The internet is going crazy with Virat’s amazing move.

Virat Kohli Viral Video: A video of Asia’s most followed person on social media, Virat Kohli, is rapidly becoming popular on the internet. Countless individuals have viewed the Virat Kohli viral video on the internet since its publication. Big people are taken aback when they witness the world’s most famous cricket player doing anything like that. As a result, the video will undoubtedly become viral online, and you can find the link to the video that has everyone talking on the internet right now here.

Virat Kohli viral video The internet is going crazy with Virat's amazing move.
Virat Kohli viral video The internet is going crazy with Virat’s amazing move.

Virat Kohli 50th Century ODI Cricket

1107 Sri Lanka24-Dec-09
2102*  Bangladesh11-Jan-10
3118  Australia20-Oct-10
4105  New Zealand28-Nov-10
5100* Bangladesh19-Feb-11
6107 England16-Sep-11
7112*  England17-Oct-11
8117  West Indies02-Dec-11
9133*  Sri Lanka28-Feb-12
10108  Sri Lanka13-Mar-12
11183  Pakistan18-Mar-12
12106  Sri Lanka21-Jul-12
13128* Sri Lanka31-Jul-12
14102  West Indies05-Jul-13
15115  Zimbabwe24-Jul-13
16100* Australia16-Oct-13
17115*  Australia30-Oct-13
18123 New Zealand19-Jan-14
19136  Bangladesh26-Feb-14
20127  West Indies17-Oct-14
21139*  Sri Lanka16-Nov-14
22107  Pakistan15-Feb-15
23138  South Africa22-Oct-15
24117 Australia17-Jan-16
25106 Australia20-Jan-16
26154*  New Zealand23-Oct-16
27122  England15-Jan-17
28111*  West Indies06-Jul-17
29131  Sri Lanka31-Aug-17
30110*  Sri Lanka03-Sep-17
31121  New Zealand22-Oct-17
32113  New Zealand29-Oct-17
33112  South Africa01-Feb-18
34160*  South Africa07-Feb-18
35129*  South Africa16-Feb-18
36140  West Indies21-Oct-18
37157*  West Indies24-Oct-18
38107  West Indies27-Oct-18
39104  Australia15-Jan-19
40116  Australia05-Mar-19
41123  Australia08-Mar-19
42120  West Indies11-Aug-19
43114*  West Indies14-Aug-19
44113 Bangladesh10-Dec-22
45113  Sri Lanka10-Jan-23
46166*  Sri Lanka15-Jan-23
47122*  Pakistan10-Sep-23
48103*  Bangladesh19-Oct-23
49101*  South Africa05-Nov-23
50117 New Zealand15-Nov-23

In One-Day International cricket, Virat Kohli has surpassed Sachin’s record to become the player with the most hundreds scored. He eclipsed the record held by the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, when he scored the most hundreds in One Day International cricket by scoring 117 runs in 113 balls against New Zealand in the World Cup Semifinal. With that run, he also completed his 50th century in ODI cricket. has started playing cricket.

Virat Kohli Viral Video

Virat Kohli has benefited greatly from this World Cup. Not for the first time, he leads the list of World Cup run scorers with 594 runs scored. Actually, Virat has a ton of records to his credit. As a result of his problems, several of his films are going extremely popular. Let’s look at its statistics first before learning about the Virat Kohli Viral Video Link, which has been viewed by millions of people. as he has done in the World Cup this year.

Virat Kohli  World Cup 2023 Statistics

Total Runs* – 594

100s* – 2

50s* – 5

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