what is digiboxx free cloud storage? (Free Cloud Storage, Price, Coupon Code)

Digiboxx: [Free Cloud Storage, Price, Coupon]

What is Digiboxx? Price, Coupon ( Free Cloud Storage), Pricing, Coupon Code Owner, Launched by, Niti Ayog Uses, Benefits 


Friends, the government launched a very important campaign called Making India & Digital India. It is also benefiting the countrymen. The government has been banning many Chinese apps from its country in the past few months. The government is now offering free cloud services to all citizens. Digiboxx was created by the government as a result of this initiative. Digiboxx allows you to save all of your data in the cloud for free and have it available from any location. Degree Box’s unique feature is its Indian cloud service. This means that your data will not be lost outside of India. We will provide all the information you need on this topic in today’s important article.


Digiboxx launch details 2021


service namedigibox
launched the serviceGovernment of India
type of serviceIndian cloud service
service versionweb version
use of serviceThe convenience of keeping all your important data safe on online cloud storage and the freedom to access it easily from anywhere
service chargeFree
Storage Capacity on Service20 GB storage absolutely free, to get more storage the plan has to be upgraded to premium plan
Formatting facility to save data on the serviceCan be saved in PDF, PPT, DOC, EXCEL, MP3, MP4 etc formats

What is Digiboxx?


Digiboxx, a free cloud service that allows Indians to keep all types of data on Indian cloud servers, is available for all. It was launched by NITI Aayog in India. There have been numerous reports about Indians leaking their data over the past few months. This is why the government launched this important initiative. Digiboxx was also created to protect Indians’ privacy and provide an alternative to many of the banned applications. You can access all your data from any location. It is possible to upload any type data and then download it from anywhere. It is currently only available in the web browser. The iOS or Android versions have not yet been released. You will need a web browser to access the service. This can be used on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Only then will you be able access it.


How to Use Digiboxx


To use it, friends, you must first create an account. Only then will you be able use it completely free of charge. Below are the details to help you create a Digiboxx account and use it.


  • Open the Digiboxx web portal and go to its homepage.
  • You will need to fill in some personal information and an email ID to create an account.
  • Next, log in to the official website.
  • Once you log in, you can upload any data and save it. You can also download it if necessary.
  • Get data storage for up to 20GB free of charge.
  • This will create your Digiboxx account very quickly and you can then use it.


Digiboxx has many benefits


Digibox’s greatest advantage is its ability to keep our data secure in our country. You can also get other benefits such as personal and business. Please see the details below.


It has many personal benefits:

  • This will allow you to create your own secure and private inbox.
  • You can also upload your file through your mobile phone to keep it safe.
  • This option allows you to share files, photos or videos directly with others.
  • You can store all important documents in one place.


You can save documents in various formats such as PDF here

In PPT, DOC, EXCEL, MP3, MP4 etc.


Its benefits in the business field:


  1. You can create digital data folders for your business documents.
  2. This site also allows you to manage custom workflows and approve systems.
  3. Access your data from any location and share it whenever necessary.
  4. Instant Share allows you to share important files within it instantly
  5. It is also possible to manage data used by your business staff.


What is the cost of Digiboxx (Pricing).


You can use it free of charge, with 20GB available. It allows you to upload files up to 2GB and Gmail integration is available.


  • If you wish to save data in Big Mata then you will need to pay a fixed amount of Rs.30. This plan will only allow you to use it. However, you can also use the instant file sharing option. This plan includes Gmail integration and allows you to save up to 10GB of files. This plan is great for those who work in personal work or freelancing.


  • For a flat fee of Rs.999, you can purchase up to 25TB storage. This plan allows you to access up to 500 files simultaneously. This plan allows you to upload files up to 10GB simultaneously. This plan also offers real-time support. After sharing the file, you have the opportunity to choose how long Uday should be deactivated.



Gmail offers up to 15GB storage free of charge, but that is not enough to store a lot. Digiboxx users can get as much as 20GB storage for free. You can also upload files to this platform and share them with anyone you want. . You can delete a file from your computer if it is not needed.


Digiboxx was created by the Government of India to protect the privacy of citizens and ensure data does not leak outside of India. You can now use Digiboxx and have your data completely secure. This option is also available to Indians.



Q: What is Digiboxx?

ANS :- In this, any person can keep any type of data in a very secure form as and when required.


Q: Who launched Digiboxx?

ANS :- It was launched by the Policy Commission of the Government of India.


Q: How many GB of data can we keep safe in Digiboxx for free?

ANS :- Up to 20GB.


Q: Why was busyboxx launched in India?

ANS :- Indians get the facility of Indian cloud service and there can be no risk of data leaking with any other country or other person by uploading the data here.


Q: Can Digiboxx be used for personal and business purposes?

ANS :- Yes, of course you can use it in the field of personal and business as and when required.

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