Zomato Share Price Today : Investors became concerned when Zomato’s share price reached this point!

Zomato Share Price Today : Anyone in India may purchase food online and have it delivered right to their home with the help of Zomato, an online food delivery service. Given how well-known Zomato is in India, it’s likely that you have also used it to place food orders at some point.

Zomato debuted on the stock market in 2021, and numerous investors made investments in the company during its first public offering (IPO). Zomato was initially listed on the NSE market for ₹ 116 per share and on the BSE market at ₹ 115 per share. Its IPO price was ₹ 76 per share.

While many investors have made significant gains from their Zomato shares, some have not made much money from the company. To profit from Zomato at the correct time, every stock market investor undoubtedly keeps a watch on the company’s share price today.

As a result, this post will provide you with information about Zomato Share Price Today and will be updated daily based on share price movements.

Zomato Share Price Today

As of this Monday, November 6, when the stock market opens, Zomato’s share price is ₹ 108.00. Zomato’s share price was ₹ 108.00 when the stock market began on Monday, November 6, and it increased to ₹ 119.90 by the time the market closed.

Every day, Zomato’s share price fluctuates a little. To keep informed about today’s Zomato share price, visit our website

CompanyToday’s share price (at market opening)
Zomato₹119.90 per share

52 Week High and 52 Week Low are these.

Every company listed on the stock market has a 52-week high and 52-week low for its share price. Before making an investment in a firm, every stock market investor makes sure to check the 52-week low and 52-week high share prices of that particular company.

Zomato’s share price is currently ₹44.35 at 52-week low and ₹105.90 at 52-week high. This page will be updated as soon as there are any modifications to either the Week High or Week Low.

Updated Zomato Share Price

In August of this year, Zomato made public its Q1 statistics, which include the FY24 Earning report and indicate that the company has made a net profit of Rs 2 crore thus far. which brings the company’s current total revenue to ₹ 2,416 crore.

Let us also mention that Zomato has turned a profit for the first time in its history, which has led to a slight increase in the company’s share price.

We hope you learned something about today’s Zomato share price from this article. Continue to check our website for prices on comparable shares.

Disclaimer: This information about the stock market is provided solely for reading purposes. Before making any investments in the stock market, you should obviously speak with a financial counselor and take all necessary risks.

FAQ: Current Zomato Share Price

Q : Who serves as Zomato’s CEO?

Ans : Zomato’s Chief Executive Officer is called Deepinder Goyal.

Q : What is Zomato’s Net Profit for this year?

Ans : Zomato has made a net profit of almost Rs 2 crore in FY24 so far.

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