Biggies Burger Story: With barely Rs. 2000, this Entrepreneur Created a Business worth Rs. 100 crore. Read the full account!

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Biggie’s Burger Story:

There are many different cuisines to choose from in India because the country has a significant food sector and numerous restaurants that bring in millions of dollars each month. Similar to this, we have a tale from the Indian food industry today about a man who started a business worth Rs. 100 crore with just 2000 Rs.

Biggies Burger Story: With barely Rs. 2000, this Entrepreneur Created a Business worth Rs. 100 crore. Read the full account!

Here, we’re talking about the Biggies Burger Startup, which was founded in 2016 by businessman Biraja Rout, who works in the IT sector, and has since grown to be a 100 crore brand. You may learn about Biggies Burger’s history and how it evolved into a 100 crore firm in today’s article.

This was the start of the Biggie’s Burger Story.

In order for Indians to experience the numerous flavors of Grilled Burgers, Indian-born Biraja Rout founded Biggies Burgers in the year 2016. Customers can choose from a range of burgers on the menu at Biggies Burgers, a QSR quick service restaurant chain.

Biraja Rout stated in a Livemint interview that he experienced the taste of a hamburger for the first time at the age of 21. He fell in love with hamburgers as soon as he had one for the first time in his life, and he also began learning more about them.

Biggies Burgers Biraja Prasad Rout Family Details:

Full NameBiraja Prasad Rout
FatherSatyabrata Rout
Home TownBhubaneswar, India
EducationSilicon Institute of Technology (SIT), Bhubaneswar

Biraja Rout conducted exhaustive study.

In the interview, Biraja, the creator of Biggies Burgers, added that he started looking into burgers but couldn’t find an Indian-owned restaurant that offered a variety of burgers to its patrons, so he came up with the idea for Biggies Burgers. People had to turn to American brands at the time for various burgers, which gave me the idea to launch it.

At the time, Biraja Rout worked for an IT company, prior to that, he had no prior business experience. However, he persisted in his self-belief and made the decision to launch the Biggies Burgers QSR restaurant business.

Began with just this amount of money.

In his interview, Biraja also mentioned that he only had 20,000 at the time to start his business. With this little capital, he took a chance and set up a modest shop called Biggies Burgers in a confined space. He quit his job soon after setting up the stall and began focusing solely on his business.

Gradually, Biraja’s Biggies Burger business in that region gained considerable notoriety, and he began receiving thousands of daily visitors. Along with this, allow us to also inform you that Biraja did not possess any culinary expertise; instead, he learned how to make burgers on YouTube and began selling them.

In addition to this, Biraja used to set aside two thousand rupees each month from his profits in order to expand this firm.

Made a company worth billions of rupees with merely 2,000

Thanks to Biraja, whose Biggies Burgers business was originally only worth 2000 rupees per month, it is now worth crores of rupees. Later, he also began offering franchise of his brand, and as a result, he now has over 130 shops throughout India. In addition, there are more than 24 cities in India where you can sample Biggies Burgers’ burgers.

Biggies Burgers reports that more than 70 lakh hamburgers are being served daily, which would cause the company’s income to reach Rs 100 crores this year. Biggies Burgers is also the largest burger quick service restaurant franchise in India.

Biraja Rout attained his current position as a result of his self-confidence and risk-taking. We trust that this article helped you learn more about the Biggie’s Burger Story. Please spread the word to your friends so they can learn more about the Biggie’s Burger Story.

Biggies Burger Story FAQ

Q : Who was Biggies Burgers’ creator?

Ans : Biraja Rout is the originator of Biggie’s Burgers.

Q : What was the revenue for Biggie’s Burgers in 2023?

Ans : Biggies Burgers is expected to earn more over Rs 100 crore this year, according to sources.

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