Haryana Girl Students invents Mobile Charger Shoes

Mobile Charger Shoes : People charge their phones, but when they need to charge them while traveling, it becomes a significant problem. Then comes the big issue: in many instances, we are unable to charge the phone due to a lack of electricity. In order to charge the phone, we need both power and a charge. We require a power battery for it.

Many people find traveling, even with a power bank, to be monotonous. People are constantly looking for new methods to simplify their lives, but what will happen when you can charge your phone, mobile device, and laptop from your shoes? Haryana students have devised We are going to learn about one such uncommon device.

 Shoe Mobile Charger

School girls in Faridabad, Haryana, have created an astonishing charger that the locals find unexpected. In fact, these students created a shoe that can recharge a smartphone. These kids claim that we may use our mobile devices and charge our laptops with this shoe. This device, which potentially assist tens of thousands of people, was created by students in classes 10 through 11 and 12 jointly.

The biggest issue anytime we depart for a trip away from home is frequently smartphone charging along the way. The students at Shri Ram Modern School in Faridabad came up with this solution together, allowing shoes to now generate current and charge mobile devices. Additionally, you will be able to power your laptop and smartphone using your shoes.

Mobile Charger Shoes invention

  Balraj, a student, claimed that we came up with this idea on our own while speaking with ETV News. He claimed that despite the fact that people can no longer function without their phones and that everyone is paying attention to everything these days, there was something unusual. the process for charging a phone. We then reasoned, “Why not create a device that can charge the phone and also maintain health,” and we came up with the idea of creating a charging shoe that allows users to charge their phones even while wearing them.

How does the shoe-charging technology operate?

Three female students from classes 10, 11, and 12 at Shriram Modern School in Faridabad have created a shoe that can power computers and mobile devices. This shoe contains a unique component that turns the energy produced by human weight into electricity. The mobile device or laptop is subsequently charged using this electricity.

The sole of the shoe has a particular kind of metal plate installed in it. The energy produced by a person’s movement when wearing this shoe is stored in this plate. A Physio chip is then used to transform this energy into electricity. A battery is used to store this electricity. A mobile device or laptop must be charged in order to function, and this is done by drawing power from the battery.

shoe attributes

  • The body weight’s energy is converted into electricity by this shoe.
  • Both a laptop and a phone can be charged by this shoe.
  • Using this shoe when walking promotes fitness.

Shoe Caps

  • This shoe is still being made.
  • There are presently just a few pairs of this shoe left.
  • This shoe still costs a lot.

Price Of Mobile Charger Shoes

Friends, students claim that the Mobile Charger Shoes cost around Rs 800 because they were created at this price by the students.

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