Celebrating the Spirit of India: An Overview of Gantantra Diwas (Republic Day)

Gantantra Diwas (Republic Day) Essay History Speech 

Republic Day 2023 Essay on Importance and History (Gantantra Diwas, Republic Day Essay, History or Republic Day Speech History )


Everyone wants to be free from bondage. The freedom to fly is something that every bird desires. It can be difficult to keep freedom. It was crucial to plan further and then execute those plans. It was necessary to draft the Indian constitution and then implement the laws, rules, and conditions contained in it. This committee was established and the constitution was then drafted by them. The Constitution of India was then implemented on 26 January 1950. This day is known as Republic Day. Republic Day was made a national holiday. Republic Day is a celebration for Indians. It is an historic and auspicious day for Indians. Every Indian citizen, small or large, celebrates this historic day with great enthusiasm.


According to the constitution of India


  1. A year that will be cherished forever. It will be recorded in gold letters in India’s history. This year is the one in which India was freed from centuries of slavery.


  1. History of Republic Day


  1. A few facts about Republic Day



History of Republic Day


After obtaining freedom in 1947 from the tyranny, treachery, and complicity of the British, the constitution making committee prepared the constitution. The constitution entered into force on 26 January 1950.


A few facts about Republic Day


Since childhood, we have heard some stories about this. It is mostly made in Delhi, India’s capital. Delhi. The parade, which runs from Rajpath to India Gate, is a grand spectacle that takes place in Delhi. The Navy, Army, and Air Force participate in this parade, as well as giving salute to their feats. On this day, the Prime Minster also offers a wreath to the Amar Jawan Jyoti. Tributes are made to the fallen soldiers. The Prime Minister welcomes the President to the India Gate in a buggy containing his security forces and 14 horses. The President hoists the Indian National Flag on 26 January. The national anthem will be sung in honor of President’s flag and all dignitaries are then seated in front of the common banner. Every state has its own folk dances.

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A salute to 21 guns is made. There are also many beautiful presentations.


Some lines are available on Republic Day. (Republic Day Special Lines).


Everyone has a lot of desires, but it is impossible to express them all.


The mind has a desire for flight, but it can’t fly.


Why do I still feel fear?


Since independence has been many years, yet no one can live their lives openly.


Let go of terrorism, corruption and black marketing.


Enjoy your life, it is precious.


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Q: When is Republic Day celebrated?

Answer: 26 January

Q: Which festival is Republic Day?

Ans: It is the national festival of the country

Q: What happened on Republic Day?

Ans: The Constitution of India came into force.

Q: What do you do on Republic Day?

Ans: The flag is hoisted, there is a parade.

Q: When was the Constitution of India implemented?

Ans: On 26 January 1950

Q: When was India’s Constitution implemented?

Ans on 26 January 1950


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