Google’s master plan If this is the case, the story of ChatGPT is over.

Google’s Upcoming Search Enhancement AI Chat and Video Clips

Due to ChatGPT, Google business has been badly damaged. Day by day the users of Google are decreasing. ChatGPT is increasing. Scared by this, Google took a decision.

ChatGPT.. is now a name that is resounding all over the world. ChatGPT has come to the fore as a new revolution in the field of technology. ChatGPT is available as an alternative to Google search engine. New technology.. More than that, technology lovers are leaning towards it as they are doing things like Google. With this, within a few days of its launch, ChatGPT has gained millions of users worldwide. Google is maddened by the blow of chatgpt. Google felt that if this continues, it will be difficult for them to survive.

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In this background, Google has brought amazing changes in their services. ChatGPT has made many updates in their services with AI. To this extent, Google has made AI-powered snapshots available in the search engine. Not only that! Google has made a big push for changes in Gmail as well. Smart Reply and Smart Compose features have been made available. With this update, AI will write the mails you need. All you have to do is give instructions to what you want. By doing this, AI will automatically write the mails we need. Also, Google has initiated changes in Google Maps which are used by a few crore people around the world.

Google's master plan If this is the case, the story of ChatGPT is over.

A new feature will be available soon. Users can see the exact digital route on the screen through the “Immen’s View for Route” feature. By this we get the feeling that we are going into that route and wandering. We can find the place we want. However, this feature is only available in 15 cities. That too will finally be available this year. Along with these, Google has brought the Magic Photos feature in Photos. Through this feature, different parts of a photo can be moved sideways. Not only that! The missing parts of the photo can also be pasted through the auto generation function.

There is no doubt that Google has brought these changes with AI technology to stop their rival ChatGPT. However, this does not stop Google from losing financially. Due to these updates the damage severity will be reduced. However, these updates brought by Google to face their rival will become very useful for the users. Users’ work can be completed more easily. Also, share your views on these updates brought by Google to stop ChatGPT in the form of comments.

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