Men Health : Alert for men who are over 30 years old.. If these symptoms appear, it’s like danger is looming..!

Alert for men Health who are over 30 years old.. If these symptoms appear, it’s like too danger is looming..!

Men Health: These days men are neglecting their health. Carrying family responsibilities and not caring about them. That is why they suffer from many serious diseases at a young age. Once upon a time people over the age of 60 used to get diseases, but in today’s times, the risk of all diseases has increased just over the age of 30. But today let us know what are the symptoms of these diseases.

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Alert for Men Health who are over 30 years old

Heart Diseases

The biggest risk in men these days is heart disease. Many die from heart attacks at a young age. Also the problem of high BP is becoming common. This increases the risk of heart disease. In this situation it is important to take care of heart health. For this, daily diet and exercise should be taken care of. If there are some symptoms related to heart disease, it should be treated immediately.

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Diabetes is currently the fastest growing disease. The number of these patients in India is over 100 million. Diabetes can also be caused by lifestyle and genetic factors. Nowadays its cases are increasing in men after the age of 30 years. The situation is changing drastically in urban areas. In this condition men need to keep their sugar level under control in old age. For this good food should be taken. Exercise daily without stress.

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Like other diseases, mental diseases like anxiety and depression are also on the rise. It is affected by work pressure or any problem in personal life. All these are detrimental to mental health. These diseases are very dangerous for the body. In this situation it is very important for men to maintain their health. If you are experiencing any mental problem, you should immediately consult a psychiatrist and get treatment.

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