Mukarram Jah 8th Nizam of Hyderabad died in Turkey agubey

KCR, Chief Minister, condoled the death of 8th Nizam Mukarram Jha Bahadur from Hyderabad State. We send our deepest sympathy to his family. He was adamant about the contributions of Mukharam Jha. He is believed to have rendered many services as the successor to Nizam in the areas of medicine and education. He stated that he had made many efforts to help the poor. His body was to be cremated according to formal rites. On Saturday night, Mukaram Jha died in Istanbul, Turkey. His final wish was for his body to be cremated in Hyderabad. The family will transport his body to Hyderabad. On 17th of the month, his mortal remains will be brought to Hyderabad by Turkey.


It will later be kept at the Chaumohalla Palace, where the public can visit it. Asaf Jahi will be buried at the family graves. The last rites will be performed by the government with official ceremonies. Born to Azam Jha. He is the son of Usman Ali Khan who was the last Nizam to rule the state of Hyderabad. Mir Usman Ali Khan named him his successor on 14 June 1954.

Last Nizam of Hyderabad Mukarram Jah passes away in Turkey,  to be laid to rest in Hyderabad

Vainam Mukarram, the director of the film Marine Police Chasing was officially recognized by the government as the Prince de Hyderabad from 1971. The monarchy was abolished by the central government. Mukarram Jha, like his father was also India’s richest man until the 1980s. He has numerous properties.


Mir Usman Ali Khan was the seventh Nizam and Chief Minister after the amalgamation of Hyderabad State with India. He served from 26 January 1950 until 31 October 1956. Mukaram Jha had five wives. Turkish Esra Birgin was Mukaram Jha’s first wife. They had Prince Azmat Jha, Sahib Zadi Sheharyar Begum.


These properties are Mukarram Jha’s in Hyderabad: Falaknuma Palace and Khilwat Palace, King Kothi Palace, King Kothi Palace, Chiran Palace… All of these properties are now well-known tourist destinations. Esara Begin is responsible for the restoration of Chaumahalla Palace, and Falaknuma Palace. Mukarram Ja Bahadur was the eighth Nizam from Hyderabad and he died in Istanbul on Sunday January 15.

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