OTT Movies and Series : This is the list of 34 movies and series streaming on OTT

OTT Movies and Series : Another new week has begun. There will be noise when new movies arrive on OTT. Numerous new films and web series are entertaining viewers on OTT every weekend. This week, 34 films and television shows will be available via over-the-top services. The films Nithin Extra Ordinary and Nani Hai Nanna will also create a stir in the theaters. Let’s examine all the specifics of this tale.

The film Animal, which debuted last week, is performing well at the box office. Additionally, this week’s big releases at the box office will be Nitin’s Extra Ordinary and Nani Mrinal Thakur’s Hi Nanna. There will be a few short films released in addition to these larger ones. Additionally, there is a sizable throng in the theaters in between the films.

OTT Movies and Series  This is the list of 34 movies and series streaming on OTT

Additionally, new films will be heard about on OTT. It appears that 34 films will be available on Netflix this week. Among the intriguing movies are those starring Raghava Lawrence, SJ Surya in Jigarthanda 2, Avika Gore in Vadhuvu, Karthi in Japan, and Satyam Rajesh in “Ma Uri Polimera 2.” What films are available for streaming on the original OTTs? Let’s find out now.

This is the list of movies and series streaming on OTT

Disney Plus Hotstar

SNONameTypeDate of Streaming
1Sound Track #2Korean SeriesDec 06 2023
2History: The Interesting BitsEnglish SeriesDecember 07 2023
3Diary of a Wimpy Kid Christmas: Cabin FeverEnglish MovieDecember 08 2023
4VadhuvuTelugu SeriesDecember 08 2023
5The MissionEnglish MovieDecember 10 2023


SNOName TypeDate of Streaming
1Dew Drop Diaries: Season 2English SeriesDecember 04 2023
2Stavros Halkais: Fat RascalEnglish SeriesDecember 05 2023
3Blood CoastFrench SeriesDecember 06 2023
4Christmas as UsualNorwegian MovieDecember 06 2023
5Analog SquadThai SeriesDecember 07 2023
6High TidesEnglish SeriesDecember 07 2023
7Hilda Season 3English SeriesDecember 07 2023
8I Hate Christmas Season 2Italian SeriesDecember 07 2023
9My Life with Walter BoysEnglish SeriesDecember 07 2023
10Suzannah: Malam Jumat KliwanIndonesian MovieDecember 07 2023
11The ArchiesHindi MovieDecember 07 2023
12World War 2: From the Front LinesEnglish SeriesDecember 07 2023
13Dak DakHindi MovieDecember 07 2023
14Jigar Thanda Double XTelugu Dubbed MovieDecember 08 2023
15Leave the World BehindEnglish MovieDecember 08 2023
16JapanTelugu Dubbed MovieDecember 11 2023

Amazon Prime

SNONameTypeDate of Streaming
1Dating SantaSpanish MovieDecember 07 2023
2Mann PasandStandup Comedy SpecialDecember 07 2023
3Mast Main Rahane KaHindi MovieDecember 08 2023
4Mary Little BatmanEnglish FilmDecember 08 2023
5Your Christmas Or Mine 2English FilmDecember 08 2023

Sony Live

SNONameTypeDate of Streaming
1ChamakHindi SeriesStreaming Lion’s Gate Play on 07 Dec
2Detective Knight: RedemptionEnglish MovieStreaming Book My Show on December 07

Book My Show

SNONameTypeDate of Streaming
1BlackberryEnglish Movie December 06 2023
2Five Nights at Freddy’sEnglish Movie December 08 2023


SNONameTypeDate of Streaming
1Kadak SinghHindi Movie December 08 2023
2Koose Muniswamy VeerappanTelugu Dubbed Movie December 08 2023

Jio Cinema

SNONameTypeDate of Streaming
1Scooby-Doo! And crypto, too!English Movie December 10 2023


SNONameTypeDate of Streaming
1‘Ma Uri Polimera 2’Telugu Movie December 08 2023

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