PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme 2023: 10,000 Electric Buses to Hit the Roads (PM e-Bus Service Initiative)

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The Modi government is launching various beneficial schemes for the country’s development, social welfare, and environmental conservation. In this sequence, the government has initiated an important plan to promote electric vehicles across the nation. This plan is named “Pradhan Mantri E-Bus Seva Yojana” by the government.

Under this scheme, PM E-Buses will operate in different cities. Currently, in this article, we are providing you with information about what the Pradhan Mantri E-Bus Seva Yojana is and how you can take advantage of the benefits it offers.

PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme 2023

Scheme NamePrime Minister E Bus Service Scheme
who startedcentral government
Beneficiarycitizens of the country
Objectivepromoting electric vehicles
allocation amountRs 57,613 crore
Categorycentral government scheme
Application Processnot available yet
official websiteto be launched soon
helpline numberto be launched soon

What is the PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme 2023?

Through this scheme launched by the government, efforts are being made to encourage the use of electric vehicles across the country. As part of this initiative, electronic buses will be operated in various locations in different states nationwide. The government has also stated that under this plan, rapid bus transport, bike sharing, and cycle lanes will be established in different regions to promote the use of all kinds of vehicles.

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Objectives of the PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme:

Speaking about the main objectives of the scheme, the goal is to enhance the basic infrastructure in 181 cities across the country. Additionally, the government is focusing on ensuring proper operation of the vehicles by developing the necessary infrastructure.

Budget for the PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme:

In terms of budget, the government has approved approximately INR 57,613 crore for the scheme. Out of this, around INR 20,000 crore will be provided by the central government, while the remaining funds will be allocated by state governments.

Cities Covered by PM e-Bus Sewa:

The initial phases of the scheme will select more than 100 cities and around 10,000 electronic buses will be introduced under the public-private partnership model.

Price of PM e-Bus Sewa:

Information regarding the rental price of the PM e-Buses has not been provided yet. However, it is expected that the rental cost will be similar to that of regular city buses.

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Benefits and Features of PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme:

  • The scheme aims to operate 10,000 electronic buses across various states, which will lead to reduced usage of petrol and diesel.
  • The operation of electronic vehicles will contribute to lowering harmful emissions, thereby benefiting the environment.
  • With this initiative, the use of electronic vehicles will be promoted, resulting in reduced dependency on diesel and petrol and a decrease in foreign debt.
  • The scheme aims to cover cities with populations of 300,000 or more, along with state capitals in hilly regions under its purview.
  • The scheme’s implementation will generate employment opportunities for over 55,000 individuals, helping to reduce unemployment rates.
  • The specific cities where electronic buses will operate under the scheme have not been finalized yet and will be announced soon.

Eligibility for PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme:

  • Indian residents are eligible to benefit from this scheme.
  • Applicants must possess a valid driving license to apply for the scheme.
  • Those applying for the scheme should also have knowledge of traffic rules.

Documents Required for PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme:

  • Aadhar card
  • Identification proof
  • Income proof
  • Age proof
  • Address proof
  • Mobile number
  • Bank account details
  • Passport-sized photo

PM e-Bus Sewa Portal

To apply for this scheme, the central government will soon launch a portal. We’ll make sure to provide you with the information about this portal through an article.

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Applying for PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme

Here, we’d like to clarify that while the government has announced the start of this scheme, the specific details regarding how to apply have not been released yet. Whether the application process will be online or offline is yet to be confirmed. As the government provides information about the application process under the scheme, we will include it in the article so you can apply and avail its benefits.

Latest News about PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme

For your information, on August 16, 2023, during a meeting of the Central Cabinet, approval was granted for this scheme. The government has also allocated a substantial budget for this initiative. Speaking about the scheme, Anurag Thakur mentioned that those who wish to apply for the scheme will have to go through a specific selection process, which will be announced soon.

PM e-Bus Sewa Helpline Number (Customer Care Number)

Just like there hasn’t been any notification regarding the application process, the government has not yet released any helpline number or toll-free number related to the scheme. Therefore, a little patience is needed to obtain the helpline number. Once the helpline number is made available, we will update it in this article, so you can contact them for assistance or to file a complaint.


Q : What is the PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme?

Ans: Electric buses will be operated.

Q : How many buses will operate under the PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme?

Ans : 10,000 buses.

Q : What is the budget for the PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme?

Ans :The budget for this scheme is INR 57,613 crore.

Q : Who initiated the PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme?

Ans : The central government launched the scheme.

Q : How can I apply for the PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme?

Ans :The application process has not been initiated yet.

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