PM Modi termed ‘Deep Fake’ case as worrying, said- AI is being misused

PM Modi termed ‘Deep Fake’ : At the BJP headquarters today, Prime Minister Modi voiced his concerns regarding deepfake footage. He requested that the media inform the public about the improper use of this AI. As you may recall, a few days ago, a video purportedly featuring actress Rashmika Mandanna went viral. which underwent deepfake editing.

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed concern over the use of AI to produce “deep fakes” and encouraged the media to raise public awareness of this growing issue. Speaking the media during the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Diwali Milan event at the party headquarters in this city, he also reaffirmed his commitment to seeing India become a “developed India”.

PM Modi termed 'Deep Fake' case as worrying, said- AI is being misused
PM Modi termed ‘Deep Fake’ case as worrying, said- AI is being misused

Additionally, the prime minister stated that this is the actual situation rather than just hyperbole. He claimed that the public has backed “Vocal for Local.” According to the Prime Minister, people in India are more confident that the nation won’t give up now because of its accomplishments during COVID-19. He added that Chhath Puja has evolved into a “national festival,” which is a very happy development.

What is deepfake

what is deepfake

Deepfake, which some people think to be real, is the practice of inserting someone else’s face into an actual video. Deepfakes are used to produce images and videos. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are employed to help with this. In this, software and technology are used to create the audio and visual. Using this deepfake, a video is created. To put it simply, this technique relies on the assistance of coder and decoder technology. A person’s body language and facial emotions are the first things the decoder closely studies. Subsequently, it is put to a fictitious face, enabling the creation of identical fictitious images and movies.

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