Top 10 Thrillers: After watching scary movies like “Animal,” your heart will break.

Top 10 Thriller Movies: Everyone anticipates that this month will be the end of the year, as you are all aware. that the final month of the year ought to see an interesting event. A new film called Anima Movie has emerged, offering individuals a new sense of identity. That film contains a great deal of bloodshed, and this one is also quite well-liked by viewers.

Top 10 Thriller Movies

Here is a list of the Top 10 Thriller Movies for individuals who are looking for films similar to Animal. This is seen by visiting OTT. The list of names for the movies is below.

1. Toby movie

Toby movie

Raksha, a serial murderer, and the goddess of death both appear in this movie. In her incarnation on Earth, the goddess of death exacts revenge on the demon who commits serial killings. This movie is both mysterious and quite graphic. There are numerous language versions of this movie.

2. Kaminey Movie

Two twin brothers are the basis for this movie. The two brothers’ story is told in this movie. Two are squabbling over a guitar. Since there are drugs worth Rs 100 crore in that guitar, and since there is a combat scene where they fight during the battle scene. There is a great deal of violence.

3. The Silence of the Lambs

This film has a serial killer and is quite thrilling. Who kills females to become a movie star? We should warn you that this movie contains a lot of bloodshed. It can hurt those with frail hearts.


There’s Ajay Devgan in this movie. who is portrayed as a murderer who murders his bride on her wedding day. We should warn you that this movie also features a great deal of bloodshed.

5. Raman Raghav 2.o

The brilliant actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui is depicting such a vibrant story in his movie. It results in the deaths of 40 persons who are killed while driving. This movie also has a lot of gore.

6. No Smoking

One description of this movie is horror. When the ghost himself shows up in front of a smoker in this movie, he tries very hard to get the smoker to quit.

7. Por Thozhil

It’s said that this movie is quite enigmatic. In this movie, the police will find the serial killer after 50 years. But it’s the death of the serial killer. Thus, it is unclear where the cops will ultimately end up. Bloodshed is the basis for this movie as well.

8. Memories of Moudar

There is a killer in this movie who abducts females on a daily basis. He picks up fourteen girls in this movie, and he eludes the cops. and murders the females after abusing them.


This movie demonstrates how an ordinary individual may become a joker in the world. It can even turn lethal at times. In this movie, the story of the Joker is crucial.

10. The Godfather

There is a lot of excitement in this movie. To yet, no attempt has been made to produce this movie. There are claims that this movie is unlike any other movie. The movie has never been produced.

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