Wow Momos Success Story: Made a company worth ₹2000 crore just by selling Momos

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Wow Momos Success Story:

 In the Indian startup community, we are presented with new startup success stories on a daily basis. Today, we have one of these stories in front of you; we hope you find inspiration in it.

There are many different sorts of food available to consume in India nowadays, including South Indian food and Chinese food. You’ve probably heard of momos in Chinese cuisine, now a days, momos are being served on every city’s street and neighborhood since momos are becoming more and more popular.

However, have you considered how much money may be made by selling Momos? If not, allow us to inform you that someone in the Indian startup scene has built a 2000 crore Momos company solely by selling Momos.

The individual in question is Sagar Daryani, and he or she created a business called Wow Momos. We shall learn about the Wow Momos Success Story in today’s article and how this person was able to build a business worth 2000 crores simply by selling Momos.

Sagar Daryani & Binod K. Homagai

Wow Momos Company Overview (Founder, Co Founder, CFO, CMO Revenue)

Company NameWow Momos
IndustryFood and Beverage Fast food Restaurants
Founded YearAugust 2008
FounderSagar Daryani & Binod K. Homagai
Co FounderShah M. Rahman & L Murali Krishnan
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)Shah Miftaur Rahman
CMO ( Chief Marketing Officer)Murali Krishnan L
Official Website
HomePlaceKolkata, Westbengal
Wow Moms Revenue FY 2023450 Crores
Wow Moms Number of Locations30 Cities
Number of Working Employees6000 Members

Started a business with just 30,000

Sagar Daryani founded Wow Momos on August 29, 2008, in Kolkata. Sagar first began this Momos business from a modest kiosk, with only a 30,000 investment. When Sagar was in his final year of college and only 21 years old, he had plans to launch this firm.

At that point, Sagar joined forces with Binod Homogai, a friend from college, and the two of them got to work. Since neither Sagar nor Binod had any prior experience cooking momos, they recruited a cook to start producing them at their stall.

Both Sagar and Binod titled their stand Wow Momos. At first, they did not receive a lot of favorable feedback, but after some time, they began to receive favorable feedback.

Parental support was lacking

Sagar’s father was not at all prepared for it when he learned of his son’s plan to launch a Momos business, and no one else in the family offered any support. Sagar’s father himself made fun of him by stating, “Now my son will sell momos!”

However, despite all of these obstacles and the absence of family support, Sagar and his friend Binod eventually opened a Momos stall.

had to deal with several challenges.

Sagar and Binod did not make much money when they originally opened their Momos Stall, and for the first two years they did not even receive any investment to support their firm.

However, they both persisted in their efforts and embraced fresh strategies to grow their company. For example, they had t-shirts printed with the name of their company and wore them everywhere they went to let others know what they did. can learn more about.

In addition to this, he gave visitors to his stall a free sample of his momos so they might purchase them later. In addition to this, they started selling a wide variety of momos, such as Tandoori Momos, Fried Momos, and others, to encourage more customers to visit their booth.

We have established a  2000 Crore rupees  corporation today.

Wow Momos began as a modest stand, which Sagar and Binod subsequently expanded into a shop-like establishment. After some time, Wow Momos began to grant franchises for its outlets throughout India and the rest of the world. Today, they have opened more than 800 locations across 26 Indian states.

According to their Momos sales data, Wow Momos is now selling more than 6 lakh Momos. Due to the approximately $68.5 million in capital that Wow Momos has received from investors so far, the company’s valuation has already surpassed Rs 2000 crore.

Wow Momos and Sagar Daryani, the company’s founder, achieved success because they did not view their labor as minor or waste time worrying about what others would think of them.

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Q : Wow Momos was founded by who?

Ans : College student Sagar Daryani from the Indian state of Kolkata founded Wow Momos.

Q : What is the cost of a Wow Momos franchise?

Ans : Franchise prices for Wow Momos begin at ₹ 25,000 plus GST.

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